Incredible news on COE prices, find out how Speedzone can help you secure the best deal for the ride of life!


Extremely high COE prices for the past years has surely been a monstrous obstacle for motorbikes enthusiasts. COE or Certificate of Entitlement, the quota license significant in granting legal rights to register, own and use a vehicle for a period of 10 years in Singapore, can exceed the value of the vehicle itself — which is veritably a behemothic amount to let go. That is why its recent crash from $5,701 to $3,521 is an exploit no motorbikes junkies should miss. A whopping 35% downturn it is — and we’re very sure while reading this you are fidgeting and itching already to purchase your own badass road comrade. Well good, riders, because here is how we can help you secure the best deal for your ride of life in three easy steps!

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#TEAMSPEEDZONE: Jonathan Tan and Errol Yeo


Commonly referred to as the wheelie king of Singapore, Jonathan’s love affair with motorbikes stemmed from BMX freestyle, before he was able to obtain his motorbike license at the legal age of 20. Inspired by a popular TV series “Street Hawk” in the 1980s, he went on to pick up stunt riding. A self-taught motorbike stunt rider, Jonathan put in countless hours of practice, sweat and sometimes blood to master his techniques, while relying on magazines as his only source of information. The first stunt he ever did on a motorbike was a wheelie.

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#TEAMSPEEDZONE: Angelo D’Arielli


The newest addition to #TEAMSPEEDZONE is Senior Mechanic, Angelo D’Arielli.

Growing up in a family of bikers, Angelo’s interest in bikes started at a young age. He first learnt how to ride when he was 11, and the very first bike he owned was a Piaggio Zip. Angelo recalls the first time he rode a Yamaha YZF-R6. He was amazed by how a small machine could pack so much power. This got him hooked onto the bike scene. Since then, he has participated in various motocross competitions, coming in second in a regional championship in Abruzzo, Italy.

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Quick Look at the 2017 KTM Duke 390


The new 2017 Duke 390 just hit our sunny shores two weeks ago. If you haven’t caught up with what all the hype surrounding this new, mean machine is about, here’s your chance to get up to speed on it.

Four years after the first Duke 390 was released, KTM has overhauled and updated it into this second-generation model. The entire chassis is completely new, with a new frame, new geometry, new suspension, brakes and wheels.

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Here’s Why You Need to Get One of These W Standard Lithium Iron Batteries


W Standard lithium iron batteries come in a variety of shapes and sizes, capacity options, as well as left and right polarity options. If the lithium iron battery is slightly smaller than the original battery in either width or height…

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2016 Honda MSX 125 Review


Honda’s MSX 125, or Grom, as some of us are more familiar with, has just gotten a redesign and a brand new exhaust for 2016. With its eye-catching neon colours, the 2016 Honda MSX 125 looks like a ‘mini-streetfighter’, with a sharper new attitude. The new fuel tank and side panels integrate cleanly, giving the Grom…

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New Bike to Watch: Yamaha YZF R3


A sport-oriented bike, the newly released Yamaha YZF R3 shares the same mass-forward silhouette and race-style tail section as the R6. Its twin cat-eye headlights further lends it its sporty look. Weighing in at just 368 pounds, the R3 is definitely one of the lightest bike in its class. Ergonomics are always important to riders, and it’s…

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Yamaha SR400 60th Anniversary


In celebration of Yamaha’s 60th Anniversary, the SR400 cafe racer is offered in a vibrant shade of yellow for the special 60th Anniversary edition, available in limited quantities. With its relaxed torque, light and agile chassis and its original kick start mechanism, the SR400 is designed to appeal to riders looking for a motorcycle with heritage…

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The Perfect Touring Bike: Yamaha MT-09 Tracer


Yamaha’s new MT-09 Tracer is proof that you don’t need a 240kg motorcycle to go touring. The sports touring edition of the naked Yamaha MT-09, the Tracer is only slightly heavier than a middleweight given its size. Designed as a sports-tourer, the Tracer has a more comfortable and roomy rider and pillion seating position, achieved through…

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What to Expect from the New Yamaha M-Slaz MT-15


Unveiled in Thailand last December, the Yamaha M-Slaz MT-15 has been making waves on the Internet. On our recent trip to Thailand, we managed to take a look at the M-Slaz MT-15, and it is little wonder that this bike has created such a buzz before it is even out on the Singapore market. Visually, two…

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